Giddy like a school girl

In case you haven’t heard, there is a new Radiohead album coming out next week. Wait, let me repeat that: THERE IS A NEW RADIOHEAD ALBUM COMING OUT NEXT WEEK!! HOLY MONKEY FARTS!

As you also probably heard, ol’ Thom and Co. have finally accumulated enough hard currency and devout followers to DIY the thing (yes, “DIY” is a verb). They’ve even gone so far as to outsmart those who were just going to steal it from a P2P site anyway. In what could prove to be a new trend in digital rights (mis)management, the googly-eyed scare bears are allowing you, me, and everyone else we know to pick our own price.

Personally, I think the concept is genius. First, consider the number of people who will order the album for download, just because they can pay $2 or $3. Now, consider the percentage of those people who would have ripped “In Rainbows” from his/her P2P site of choice. I would be willing to bet Radiohead make more money selling the album on for $2/head than they could possible make through a $9.99 download at the iTunes store (you know, that place where sad sots like myself go to not-steal music).

In the words of Devendra Banhart, “I feel just like a child”

One thought on “Giddy like a school girl”

  1. How much are you going to offer? I wonder if it has to be currency. I’d like to make Thom Yorke a tofurkey samich or something. Maybe take him to the park so he isn’t so sullen.


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