HTML5 and Self Reflection

Tonight I saw one of the more interesting applications of new technology I’ve come across in a while. This site, used to promote a new album by the band Arcade Fire, does something really interesting: it places you, the viewer, in the role of selecting a backdrop for the video. The video relies on the new capabilities afforded web and video designers by HTML5, to represent an intense experience of subjectively running through the streets of one’s youth.

Arcade Fire Cover Art

Having grown up on a farm with little development nearby, MY video was a little confounding. In my youth, 4307 S Goldenrod Road in Orlando, FL, was a rather blank slate for boredom and introspective fantasy. I longed for a neighbor nearer than 2 miles away. And now our old farm has been replaced by a maze of streets, small houses, and retention ponds.

Perhaps more so than any old home movie, this video…um…concept?, really made me think about where I was then and where I am now. If you feel like looking back in time, and forward into the future of web technology, go have a gander.

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