Ben Campbell

Ben singing

Long before any formal introduction to learning design, I honed an appreciation for all forms of digital media production and came to an over-arching conclusion: all media seeks to inform. This inference may seem trite, but its implications for teaching and learning are significant. As an instructional technologist, one most hold tight to this axiom.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Film and Media Studies, a master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction (emphasizing Educational Technology) from the University of Florida (UF), and I am a failed doc student. My professional experience includes stints as a sound designer and co-founder at High Noon Productions, Associate Director of Distance Learning in the College of Education at UF, and now I’m the Director of Strategic Services for GoingOn.

I grew up on a farm in Florida, but now I live in the SF Bay Area with my lovely wife, Tammy Hendrix, and our 2 dogs. When I’m not tethered to digital devices, I can be found playing music, rowing, running, or imbibing the best damn food + beverage I can get my hands on.


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