Just to be clear…

I mentioned in a previous post I intend to learn ActionScript 2 for my Authentic Technical PD. These are the steps I will take to complete this goal and deliver a finished product in the form of an Information Security General Awareness Training Module.

  • 2. Writing the script: I am currently re-working the script from version 1.0 of the SPICE General Awareness training (this re-writing is a collaborative process in which I write and make edits based on input from my supervisor and the IS systems analyst) Completion Date: Oct. 1
  • 3. Recording the script: I have equipment and narration training to make this process quick and painless Completion Date: Oct. 3
  • 4. Design and program module: Here’s where the hair pulling will start Completion Date: Nov. 1

I look forward to the learning experience and the future applications acquiring this skill will enable.

Tech, history, and future…

I found this article on CNet I thought you all might find interesting in the context of our Ed Tech history reading. The author discusses returning to UC Berkeley 1.5 years after graduation and being overwhelmed by how tech-savvy the current students at her alma mater have become. Her references are purely anecdotal, and sometimes downright silly, but the topic is one virtually everyone feels.

My major issue with the article has to do with an analogy she tries to draw between Peer To Peer file sharing and vinyl records:

I grew up in an age when pirated music was prevalent; to me, the idea of paying for music online is still somewhat strange. I might as well go out and buy the CD for a similar price or cheaper, and get some great cover art while I’m at it. I guess to this bunch of college kids, CD art is as foreign as vinyl. Do I smell a generation gap?

As someone who actually enjoys buying music on vinyl, I think the author should know vinyl is selling more now than it has in almost 15 years. With a 12″ canvas, the buyer really gets to see what the artist had in mind to accompany their music visually. And many record labels have made a very smart move by offering the buyer a coupon with a password allowing the buyer to download the album for play on their mp3 player.


ps………don’t steal music.

Last night I dreamt I could get a real job

I really enjoyed the conversations last night with the former Ed Tech students. Cheers to them for offering us their time and wisdom. I also found it very encouraging that there is, indeed, a job market for instructional design.

Like most of us, I entered the Ed Tech program through the side door. No, make that an unlocked window. I have never taken an education course before. Both of my parents are teachers and it never really occurred to me to go into the education field, except maybe as a professor at some tiny liberal arts college in my mind.

While working on my undergrad degree in Film and Media Studies I worked in various fine dining establishments and played in a band called Edward the Bear. After graduating, I was going to be a musician. We toured, started our own label, and eventually collapsed in disappointed frustration. In the mean time I had gotten pretty good at cooking and thought I might go into the food service industry. Nope, restauranteurship is just too hard. On to video production.

I started a video production company called High Noon Productions with a couple of friends from school and had a two-year course in trying to learn the inner workings of a field AND try and build a small business from the ground up. Then last December my fiance gave me an ultimatum: stop working 80 hour weeks and start helping out with the bills or find a new place to live. I chose to stick my neck out into the Gainesville job market. After a month of shaving, tidying, and bowing I found a job designing training media for the UF HSC Information Security program. At the time I was like “information security…that’s like locking your laptop to your desk, right?” I’ve learned a bit since then.

I knew I wanted to go back to school. But for what? I looked in the Documentary Institute, the Digital Media program, Film Studies (again), the FSU Film Production program, and kept coming up empty. Until one of my supervisors (a doc student in Ed Admin) said “why don’t you look into Ed Tech, that’s what you do here anyway.”

It was like a bolt of lightning once I met Professor Ferdig.

And now — get this, mom — I can actually get a job making decent money and helping people get better at whatever it is they do.


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