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Our new education.ufl.edu, according to Google Analytics

I recently had the pleasure of participating in a website redesign for the UF College of Education. We’re pretty proud of the results from the front-end, subjective perspective. But – more importantly – we’re happy with what Google Analytics tells us about traffic to the site.

We have been excited by a lot of the data we have pulled during and since the web redesign process. The most recent fun things I have noticed is the striking difference between traffic to our site since the redesign. For example, the following table represents traffic to the site based on the time periods listed in the top row. The periods represent 13 months prior to the the website redesign, and the time since the new site was launched, respectively.

Time Period January 1, 2010 – January 31, 2011 February 1, 2011 – February 28, 2011
Average daily visits 371.2 visits/day 1333.1 visits/day
Average time on the site 00:01:35
Average unique page views 1.44 pages/visit 4.79 pages/visit
Most visits in a single day 695 (Wednesday, January 6, 2010) 2,362 (Tuesday, February 1, 2011)
Fewest visits in a single day 116 (Saturday, December 25, 2010) 687 (Saturday, February 19, 2011)
Percentage of visitors who arrived through search engines 14.3% 35.4%
Percentage of visitors from Gainesville, FL 51.0% 33.1%

HTML5 and Self Reflection

Tonight I saw one of the more interesting applications of new technology I’ve come across in a while. This site, used to promote a new album by the band Arcade Fire, does something really interesting: it places you, the viewer, in the role of selecting a backdrop for the video. The video relies on the new capabilities afforded web and video designers by HTML5, to represent an intense experience of subjectively running through the streets of one’s youth.

Arcade Fire Cover Art

Having grown up on a farm with little development nearby, MY video was a little confounding. In my youth, 4307 S Goldenrod Road in Orlando, FL, was a rather blank slate for boredom and introspective fantasy. I longed for a neighbor nearer than 2 miles away. And now our old farm has been replaced by a maze of streets, small houses, and retention ponds.

Perhaps more so than any old home movie, this video…um…concept?, really made me think about where I was then and where I am now. If you feel like looking back in time, and forward into the future of web technology, go have a gander.

Up and running…

apple and mirrorI’ve got to say, I’m pretty excited Purlieu has come together in such a way. While I still see plenty of room for improvement, I think online learning in the UF CoE has entered a new era.

I find myself lazily clicking around and being surprised that everything just works. I know that’s a bit preemptive, but it’s comforting for now.

Students and faculty have a whole new set of tools to apply to learning collaboratively. Now the pressure is on the Distance Learning office to help our learners help each other.

This probably should have been scrawled on my bathroom mirror, and not here. But c’est la vie.

Massive Multi-Developer Online RPGs

I found this article pretty interesting. It describes an effort to develop an MMORPG using the input of the actual players. All of them, if possible.

A couple of game developers and Acclaim put their heads together to tap the aggregate creative energy of MMO players and developers in a collaboration intent on releasing a new title in less time than any legitimate studio could hope to take. The initial response to the call was huge: something to the tune of 20,000 eager little beavers.

Dave Perry, the puppeteer who holds all the strings, describes the project as a serious business venture. “I hope it will prove to us that consumers are useful, ” says Dave.

I hope so too, Dave.