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film for thought

My mind hasn’t been abuzz with intersecting plot lines and narrative celluloid twists for a while now. But I have a video project to put together for my Society, Technology, and Culture class. The project (along with a little liminal free time) has given me a little inspiration.

I have been thinking a lot about bio-technology and cognitive changes over time. Plenty of literature and studies have been done looking in to how our cognitive mapping and synaptic connections can be modified. For my little movie, I want to look in to how we are re-wiring our synapses on a daily basis.

Computers and the web are giving us infinite possibilities for knowledge acquisition and retrieval. I have to wonder whether our bodies are ready for the intellectual hyperactivity navigating the web enables within us. Or are we going to reach a system overload somewhere down the line?

I will be adding links to relevant literature soon, but for now, here’s a PhotoShop thought of what I have in mind.