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Waxing politic

Last night I caught a glimpse of an email from a friend of Tammy’s. The email was primarily a response to a question Tammy posed about Barack Obama’s qualifications and potential as a presidential candidate.

Her insightful compatriot offered a sound diatribe on the dangers of democrats backing a possibly un-electable candidate. Most interestingly, the friend offered these words about the democrats’ collective inability to support a centrist candidate like John Kerry:

“So we ended up with Kerry: tepid water, milk toast, vanilla, Republican-lite.”

Longstoryshort, the statement got me thinking. First, about the poetics of the line, then about the blinding truth it represents.

I can’t come up with any witty snippets of knowledge to expound upon this line of political poetry. All I can come up with are questions:

Is there a possibility for true progressivism in our modern landscape?
Are we chained to our adopted consumptive collective mindset?
Is there a foreseeable alternative?


Back in the saddle

Personal News

It’s been a while since I have sat down to add an entry. Hopefully things will get rolling again here soon.

I recently had a run in with the pesky little fairies that make my computer turn on and talk to the web. Apparently they weren’t very happy with the Bloglines subscriptions I have maintained for the past 6 months or so, and they decided to get rid of them. I emailed the nymphs in CA that maintain the Bloglines servers, but I think it may have been too little too late. We’ll see.

My old band, Edward the Bear, will be getting back together for another famous reunion show Saturday, Feb. 17, around 10 or 1030pm. Any and all are welcome. I believe the cover will be a 5 spot. Hope to see you there.

I am in the process of changing jobs. I fell in to a bit of a financial hole last semester and decided I was better off working full-time, and going to school part-time. I can’t really see any problem with slowing down the progression of school if I can get hands-on experience in the mean time. All of that should be straightened out in the next couple of weeks.

In other news

I was pretty excited to see Barack Obama declare his presidential candidacy via a live web cast this past Saturday morning. He is quickly mounting a strong campaign presence on the web. The site devoted to his campaign, BarackObama.com, actually provides a portal to a social networking community developed specifically for interested voters. One can develop a personal profile, network with like-minded individuals, and create a political blog.

I think this is pretty ingenious and it shows quite a bit of connection with contemporary trends. And probably a well-recruited group of advisers.