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Bob Graham Center for Public Service

imageIn a recent holiday-weekend-comp-time fiesta, UF IT pros launched a new site for the Bob Graham Center in Pugh Hall. The Center will offer streaming lectures and other media related to social service and political issues in the state.

Though it still lacks content, the Drupal theme it runs on looks pretty slick. Kudos to the designer responsible for the background image and CSS; it definitely reminds me of another political site with a focus on civil service.

Waxing politic

Last night I caught a glimpse of an email from a friend of Tammy’s. The email was primarily a response to a question Tammy posed about Barack Obama’s qualifications and potential as a presidential candidate.

Her insightful compatriot offered a sound diatribe on the dangers of democrats backing a possibly un-electable candidate. Most interestingly, the friend offered these words about the democrats’ collective inability to support a centrist candidate like John Kerry:

“So we ended up with Kerry: tepid water, milk toast, vanilla, Republican-lite.”

Longstoryshort, the statement got me thinking. First, about the poetics of the line, then about the blinding truth it represents.

I can’t come up with any witty snippets of knowledge to expound upon this line of political poetry. All I can come up with are questions:

Is there a possibility for true progressivism in our modern landscape?
Are we chained to our adopted consumptive collective mindset?
Is there a foreseeable alternative?