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CUNY Academic Commons

Back in June 2009 at the Sloan Emerging Technology Conference in semi-sunny SanFran, I got to see a presentation by Dr. George Otte, University Director of Academic Technology for CUNY. He talked about the Academic Commons at CUNY as a digital hub for the disparate faculty who are scattered around 23 colleges in the 5 Burroughs.

BuddyPress homepage

The site is developed around BuddyPress, and was just in its pre-launch stage in summer 2009. But now it seems like it has grown up in a very big way.


Up and running…

apple and mirrorI’ve got to say, I’m pretty excited Purlieu has come together in such a way. While I still see plenty of room for improvement, I think online learning in the UF CoE has entered a new era.

I find myself lazily clicking around and being surprised that everything just works. I know that’s a bit preemptive, but it’s comforting for now.

Students and faculty have a whole new set of tools to apply to learning collaboratively. Now the pressure is on the Distance Learning office to help our learners help each other.

This probably should have been scrawled on my bathroom mirror, and not here. But c’est la vie.

virtual soccer network

In the past few days some members of the soccer team I have joined put together a blog site. I’m really interested to see how the blog works out.


The team just formally got together a couple of months ago. Many of the 20 (or so) players didn’t know each other before our first real practice. I suspect several of the players are unfamiliar with blogging and probably lack a lot of web-efficacy. There are a few of us techies who could potentially facilitate if there are any problems.


As yet we haven’t found a really good means of communication for the large group. Different personal schedules and several city league cancellations/schedule changes have made it tough to get to know and appreciate one another’s abilities on and off the field.

In three days the blog has been populated with about 10 members and a dozen or so posts/comments. It will be fun to see how such an intimately detached social technology as blogging will facilitate the growth of a nascent football club.